Stoned Tips - Authentic DW - 4pc Set


Stoned Tips - Authentic DW - 4pc Set, The set of three American hand-blown glass tips . This set includes 3 flat and 1 round glass tips for different size rolling papers in a foam padded tin.. Use with rolling papers, not as an attachment

  • Size 60mm x 50mm x 16mm
  • 4 mouthblown glass filters in a supreme gift box
  • Glass thickness: 0,5mm

If you love to roll up, this is the perfect accessory for your blunt. These awesome Stoned Tips - certified by DW and made in California, are a the best thing your rolled up goods could meet.

You can use these glass tips instead of paper tips, which allows having a great and safe grip. If you have never used tips before, switch over to Stoned Tips and stop wasting paper while ensuring that your blunt stays firm and round just how you wanted it to. The glass tips will also prevent it from closing up with moisture while you smoke. Keep the ends fresh and dry - no more sloppy fatties.

This 4pc set comes in a foam-padded case, perfect for storage or gifting! Made from high quality American hand blown glass, that can be cleaned with a glass cleaning solution or diluted alcohol with a small pipe cleaner to avoid scratches.



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